Super Sneaks: OKC Resident, Friend Recount Super Bowl Shenanigans

Tuesday, February 2nd 2021, 8:44 pm
By: Karl Torp


An Oklahoma City football fan has managed to sneak into the Super Bowl not once, but twice.

Just in case you were wondering, it happened many years ago.

News 9's Karl Torp caught up with Steve Hunt to find out how he and his "ticketless crew" fooled security more than once.

"We saw it as a challenge," Hunt said.

The "we" in this case was Hunt and his friend from Dallas, Robert McKee.

On Game Day 2004, Hunt and McKee were joined by two other accomplices at Reliant Stadium in Houston prior to Super Bowl XXXVIII between New England and Carolina. Hunt said they approached a group of kids taking part in the halftime show just outside the stadium -- and lied.

"This was 400 to 500 kids, and all they had were purple laminated cards. They didn't scrutinize their passes, and we blended right in," McKee said.

Hunt, McKee and the two others walked right in after the halftime show, and it wasn't just any halftime show. This was the halftime show where Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had their infamous "wardrobe malfunction."

Those same purple passes gained them entrance to an after-game party.

The duo would repeat the ruse the very next year in Jacksonville for Super Bowl XXXIX between Philadelphia and New England. They lured an unknowing Philadelphia news reporter into taking a selfie with them -- and they used the photo of his credential to make press credentials for themselves.

Long story short, the big difference in press credentials back then was that they didn't have bar codes and, therefore, couldn't be scanned like tickets. The NFL quickly learned they had to do that.

The shenanigans are over, but the memories never feel old.