Former Metro Officer On Trial For Murder Of Neighbor Does Not Testify, Defense Calls 4 Witnesses

Monday, February 1st 2021, 5:50 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma County jurors will soon decide the fate of a former police officer on trial for murder. Robert Hashagen was charged for the 2013 beating death of his 94-year-old neighbor Evelyn Goodall.

The state and defense rested on Monday after 30 witnesses in all were called to testify. Several of the witnesses testified for Hashagen but he never took the stand.

Jurors recessed after the sixth day of testimony.

They heard from four witnesses Hashagen's attorneys called to the stand. The first two are currently Oklahoma County Detention Center inmates and only know Hashagen from jail.

They both admitted to knowing one of the state's key witnesses, an inmate who claimed Hashagen confessed to killing Goodall. The men told the court the inmate was a "known jailhouse snitch."

The defense also called Hashagen's sister and her husband to testify. Hashagen lived with the couple on and off for nearly 20 years. Their northwest Oklahoma City home was only two doors down from Goodall's.

Hashagen's sister testified that her brother was asleep on a sofa when Goodall's home was burglarized when she was attacked in 2013. Her husband testified the same and he suspected a transient was responsible for the attack.

Prosecutors brought up inconsistencies in the couple's testimonies and statements made to police after Goodall died.

In a recorded statement in 2015, Hashagen's brother-in-law told investigators he was skeptical of everyone in their neighborhood but suspected Hashagen. At the end of that interview the man said, "People will surprise you."

Both sides will hold closing arguments on Tuesday and the case will go to the jury.