Local Bank Rolls Out Red Carpet For Mercy Health Care Workers On COVID Front Lines

Wednesday, January 27th 2021, 5:42 pm
By: Mike Glover


Quail Creek Bank is donating $250,000 to help local frontline workers at Mercy Hospital.

"We’re a community bank in Oklahoma City and therefore supporting our community is one of our many goals it’s a value to us. It’s important to us to support the local community," said Erin Batey, the bank's communication and innovation officer and senior vice president.

With that, every health care worker directly involved in COVID-19 care at Mercy Hospital received a gift from the bank. A $550 cash gift just to say thank you to all 470 of them for taking care of Oklahomans.

"When they come in, we greet them at the door, and we say 'thank you so much' and 'we appreciate what you’re doing for our community and our families.' We offer them cookies, we offer them water, we offer them some Quail Creek Bank stuff. Then they come down this red carpet and we give them $550 while they are here, just to say thank you," Bately said.

The workers came, most of them not knowing the amount of money they would receive. Linda, a Mercy health care worker, said she was totally surprised by the amount.

"I thought just maybe a card and $10 or something like that," she said.

She said she already knows what she will do with the money.

"I'll repair my car. It’s been parked in the driveway for a whole year," she said.

Linda said she has been borrowing her daughter’s car and this money could not have come at a better time.

Each recipient is on a list of workers and their ID is being checked. The bank’s only stipulation in giving the money is that it specifically goes to frontline staff who have been working directly with COVID-19 patients.