Oklahomans Still Waiting For Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

Wednesday, January 27th 2021, 8:07 am
By: Tevis Hillis

Delayed payments for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission have been a reoccurring issue.

There have been some troubles as the OESC rolls out the Continued Assistance Act benefit. For one Oklahoman, it took calling and traveling to the office in hopes to get his issue resolved.

Harold Rawls said this process has been far from easy. 

Rawls has spent hours trying to get someone on the phone, but once he visited the office, they said this would clear up his resolution. But it's still a waiting game for the money to go into his account.

OESC had a plan to roll out payments for pandemic unemployment in phases, but the Continued Assistance Act was set to roll out all at once.

OESC said in a statement, "There may be some people who believe they are eligible for benefits but did not receive benefits during the CAA payments OESC distributed on Jan. 25 and Jan 26. It should be noted, filing for weekly benefits does not necessarily indicate eligibility for immediate payment. If you are in this situation, please use the virtual agent on https://oklahoma.gov/oesc to report payment issues."