Pauls Valley Hospital Targeted To Reopen In Next Two Months

Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 5:25 pm
By: Hunter McKee


A Pauls Valley hospital has a target date to reopen in the next couple months after the state certified the facility. The hospital shut down in 2018.

The hospital is still owned by the city, but is operating under Southern Plains Medical Group, which has been working to renovate the building for months. The group said representatives from the state have been monitoring the progress.

“They suggested it’s in the top 5% of conditions of hospitals across the state, so we’re pretty proud of what we’ve got now,” said Len Lacefield with Southern Plains Medical Group. 

They’re in the process of buying the property, which is expected to happen within the next month. In the meantime, the group has been leasing the facility and operating it as an urgent care, which will transition to an emergency room when the hospital officially opens.

“We want this to be a facility that not only services the great people of Pauls Valley and Garvin County, but our vision is beyond that,” said Lacefield.

In 2018, the old hospital was battling funding concerns.

“The City Council that was in effect then worked very hard to keep that hospital open," said Bonnie Meisel, a Pauls Valley City Council member.

But they eventually decided to close its doors. Since then, they've been forced to rely on neighboring towns for some of their emergencies, making it a long trip for some patients.

“Based on what our concern is when they respond, they determine where they’re going to take that patient,” said Meisel.

“Transport to the closest, largest facility is truly a life or death trip,” said Lacefield.

Officials are targeting the beginning of April to reopen.