Catoosa Man Arrested, Investigators Recover Thousands Of Dollars’ Worth Of Stolen Property

Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 5:15 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter


Rogers County investigators recovered stolen property from different counties and arrested a Catoosa business owner.

Investigators say they found stolen trailers and stolen golf carts, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Investigators said the case started with a stolen Corvette but turned into a much bigger case. They said Andrew Brassfield took the stolen trailers and wrapped them with logos for his own business.

Investigators searched two homes and two businesses, all owned by Brassfield. Investigators said they found stolen property at three of the four places.

"They were even more fruitful than we thought they would be. Stolen trailers, vehicles with tags that don't match, a vehicle that is fruits of an insurance fraud. A freshly stolen trailer with a wrap on it, obviously is very tough to detect,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Sheriff Walton said they started investigating Brassfield months ago. Officials said he takes stolen trailers and wraps them in logos & phone numbers for his hail damage repair business, as a disguise.

"We see right behind us. Maybe it's a pretty clever way, not an honest way, but a clever way to advertise for your business, with stolen property,” said Walton.

Investigators said while they were searching Brassfield's business, they found a car they said is tied to insurance fraud along with several stolen golf carts. Investigators said they believe Brassfield is using his business as a cover for illegal activity.

"When we see the victim's he's made, we are looking at an insurance company, businesses and individuals that have all had their lives affected by this. We see a store front business here that at first glance appears to be legit, but it's anything but,” said Walton.

Brassfield was booked into jail for four counts of receiving stolen property. He has since bonded out of jail. News On 6 called his attorney for comment but haven’t heard back.