Hospital Staff Helps Couple Get Married In The COVID Ward

Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 12:56 pm
By: CBS News


The coronavirus has destroyed plenty of people's lives and plans for the future, but a couple battling the virus at a hospital in the U.K. watched their wish come true with the help of nurses.

Lizzie Kerr and Simon O'Brien were ready to get hitched until they had to put their lives on hold. The British couple contracted COVID-19 and their situation quickly took a turn.

"We both went in in the same ambulance. They couldn't wait for another one to come pick the other one up," Kerr said

"I deteriorated big time, I ended up in the intensive care unit," O'Brien said.

Odds were against O'Brien. Roughly eight out of 10 people in Britain's ICUs don't make it.

"They didn't necessarily expect him to come out," Kerr said.

A nurse caring for them came up with an idea.

"They were sort of saying to us, well, do you want to get married in the hospital? This might be your only chance. And, those are words I never, ever want hear again," Kerr said.

"I think initially took her by surprise because it's not something they had spoken about in hospital. So, she had a chat to Simon, I had a chat to Simon just to reassure him," said Hannah Cannon, the rapid response nurse who came up with the idea.

Four hours later, the critically ill couple tied the knot. Nurses even hung makeshift decorations. Kerr and O'Brien had to wait a few days before they were healthy enough to have their first kiss as newlyweds.

"We've got a wedding story that can trump anybody’s," said the new bride.

The newlyweds are now on the slow road to recovery, fighting for what's important: The people you love.