Fire Destroys McLoud Army Veterans Home, Kills Nearly 200 Baby Chicks

Friday, January 22nd 2021, 10:34 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

MCLOUD, Okla. -

A local veteran was left with nothing but the shirt on his back after a fire destroyed his home this week. 

Bryan Stanley, 30, was not hurt but the fire killed nearly 200 chicks he was hatching inside. 

The family said Stanley just returned home from a second tour in Kuwait with the U.S. Army. The fire which happened late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning, has taken an emotional toll. 

“He is struggling very hard,” said Jolene Greenburg, Stanley’s sister. “He is pretty good at keeping his emotions down but deep down inside he is hurting badly from it.” 

When first responders arrived, the family said it wasn’t about saving the home. Instead, saving the numerous animals around it. 

“It has been very hard just to face the reality that the home is gone and everything he had. Everything from his clothes to his personal belongings to his military awards,” said Greenburg. “Military clothing. Everything. His furniture that was stored in there. Everything he had.” 

Stanley stayed with his parents to help take care of them. His passion has always been, according to his family, raising farm animals on the property. 

“Once he opened the door it just kind of ignited the fire even more,” said Greenburg. “He had a bunch of ammo from his guns in there, so it was just a bunch of artillery shells going off. They kept telling us to get away from the home but of course, you know your mind is not thinking straight and you’re trying to protect all of the other animals here on the farm.” 

Already back to work, Stanley is moving ahead, taking everything day by day, the family said. 

“People have reached out, accepting the donations and anything that people have offered assistance wise,” said Greenburg. “Just one day at a time.” 

Fire crews were able to salvage some U.S. Army awards and documentation. Greenburg said the U.S. Army will replace it all. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Bryan get back on his feet.