Broken Arrow Mother Shares Experience Of Having A Toddler With COVID-19

Friday, January 22nd 2021, 9:33 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -

A Broken Arrow mom is sharing her experience, as her one-year-old daughter recovers from COVID-19.

So far, about 6,800 kids four and younger have tested positive in Oklahoma since last March. Elizabeth Miller said her little girl June has been miserable, congested, and coughing, and she wants people to know the virus can affect even the youngest kids.

Elizabeth Miller lights up when she talks about her baby girl, June.

"She loves Elmo, she loves dancing and kisses and is full of love and life," Miller said. "She is incredible."

Little June turned one year old on Thursday and had a small celebration with Elmo and cake over Zoom. But for the past week, Elizabeth says June has felt horrible.

"She wouldn't smile, she was beside herself," Miller said. "Her nose was just pouring."

Elizabeth said she took June to her pediatrician who tested her for r COVID, strep, and the flu."She sounded shocked," Elizabeth said about her doctor. "She said, I didn't think this was it, but she's positive for COVID-19."

June was tired, had a cough, fever of 103, and runny nose.

"It's heartbreaking."

Tulsa Pediatrician Don Zetik said cases of COVID-19 in babies are very rare. State data says only about 2% of Oklahoma Covid cases are kids 4 and younger.

"Kids are less likely to catch it, and if they catch it they tend to have fewer symptoms," Dr. Zetik said.

Elizabeth said her baby girl is feeling better, but Elizabeth now has terrible COVID-19 symptoms. She urges people to wear masks and keep their distance because everybody is vulnerable. She said she wishes Broken Arrow had voted on a mask mandate to prevent his from happening to others.

"There's that in the back of your head where she could not be fine too," said Elizabeth. "There are babies that have not been fine."

Pediatricians say if your child is sick, the best thing to do is say in touch with your doctor, so they can monitor all the symptoms and come up with the right diagnosis.