Local Parent Shocked To Find She Had Contaminated Milk Cartons Recalled By Hiland Dairy

Monday, January 18th 2021, 6:21 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

After Hiland Dairy issued a recall on their half-pint 1% low fat chocolate milk cartons metro parents made their way to their refrigerators to check and make sure they didn’t have the milk.

Julie Partin, who has two daughters in school, always goes and picks up breakfast and lunch for them at Heartland Middle School. When she looked for the contaminated milk Sunday night, she was shocked to see they had some.

"I thought surely no we are probably fine, but I got to my refrigerator and checked the chocolate milks,” said Partin. “I read the numbers probably 10 times and told my husband this has been sitting in there like a ticking time bomb. If the other moms wouldn't have posted it I would have given it to my kids today.”

Hiland Dairy officials said protocols were not followed at their facility In Norman which resulted with some milk being contaminated with food-grade sanitizers.

Doctors said the contaminated milk could cause sores in the mouth or ulcers.

The milk ended up being distributed in parts of Texas, western Oklahoma and the OKC metro area including Edmond.

“The schools are doing a great job,” said Partin. “It is not on them, but I want the milk company to establish what happened, how did this get in something that was meant for children and how are they going to keep this from happening again. I can’t imagine giving my kids milk from them anytime soon."

You want to look out for cartons with the code date of January 27 and the plant code of 4025.

Below is a list of known Oklahoma school districts that either did or did not receive cases of the contaminated milk.

Schools that have the milk:

  1. Piedmont
  2. Putnam City
  3. Edmond
  4. Deer Creek
  5. Cushing
  6. Moore (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  7. Hydro-Eakley (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  8. Bristow
  9. Purcell
  10. Wewoka
  11. Crutcho
  12. Bethany
  13. Woodward
  14. Newcastle (discarded all Hiland products, asked parents to check grab-and-go lunches)
  15. Altus

Schools that have posted saying they DO NOT have the milk:

  1. Norman
  2. Maple
  3. Noble
  4. Sentinel
  5. Cherokee
  6. Carnegie
  7. Lookeba-Sickle
  8. Sand Springs