Edmond Police Officer's Stimulus Challenge Goes Viral

Monday, January 18th 2021, 5:44 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Edmond police officer is challenging people to think of others with their stimulus payments.

Officer Jeff Morefield understands many really need the extra money right now, but he's hoping there are some who are willing to give the cash away.

Morefield said he saw too many closed signs after he returned from Deployment with the National Guard.

“Everyone is just looking down and what better way to get up than give,” said Morefield.

He donated his entire stimulus check of $1,800 to his friend and restaurant owner Jennifer Webster.

Like a lot of places, Conscious Community Cafe and Co-op in Edmond is struggling mightily.

“I've never ran a restaurant and I've never worked in a restaurant,” said Webster, who opened her doors this past Summer.

Yet Webster decided to give it all away to three other businesses.

“If God tells you to do something, I'm going to do it. It’s not up to me to negotiate with him,” said Webster.

Soon after, the gift had come full circle with Webster getting someone else’s stimulus check donation.

This time it was $2,400.

“It almost dropped me to my knees,” said Webster.

So, Jeff and Jennifer have started JJ's Stimulus Challenge.

“If you need it, we understand. But if you don’t need it, put it out in the community,” said Morefield.

The two were just on Fox News as the campaign has gone viral.

Both are hearing from people all over the country wanting to donate their stimulus payments to them.

It's potentially more money to pay it forward.

On Monday, Morefield and Webster gave the owners of a coffee roasting company in Bethany $500.

The Grounds for Compassion owners said they plan to donate the cash to a nonprofit that helps women.

“Dignity in Grace” is now in the process of opening its own coffee shop.

“We want to be the blessing to them as much as Jeff and Jennifer have been a blessing to us,” said Grounds for Compassion Owner Bradley Carter.