Something Good: Elk City Optometrist Looking Out For Her Community

Friday, January 15th 2021, 6:41 pm
By: Brian Mueller

ELK CITY, Okla. -

For Connie Creswell and her granddaughter Haylee Cook, Dr. Lisa Walker was a sight for sore eyes. 

Haylee was without glasses for six months when her 2-year-old son accidently broke her old pair. The family budget is tight during the pandemic. 

“In a time when people really need some kindness, it was a really kind thing to do," Creswell, an Elk City resident said.

That kindness came in the form of a free eye exam and glasses, courtesy of the Elk City optometrist. 

“I was so happy whenever I got called, I cried," Cook said.

Dr. Walker and her team asked for nominations of people who needed free eye care. The response was eye-opening. 

They received more than 40 letters. 

“We just felt like it was something that was a need, that it was a way to give back to our community," Walker said.

This was all in honor of beloved Elk City optometrist Dr. Gary Ford, Dr. Walker’s childhood eye doctor, who passed away last year. 

“He just gave back so much to this community and was so important to so many people," said DD Kelley, who works with Walker and came up with the idea for the free exams and glasses.

“Just to honor his memory in this way, meant a lot to us," Walker said.

 It also meant a lot to Ford’s family. 

“It was his dream and his goal in life to be able to help, and to see Dr. Walker carry that on, in these times when so much help his needed, it’s such a wonderful memory of him to do that," said Lou Ford, Dr. Ford's wife.

A memory that, thanks to Dr. Walker, lives on in more than just the mind’s eye. 

“With everything going on, the toughest stuff is really hard right now. So, I’m just really thankful that I got chosen to come and get some glasses, because I really needed some," Cook said.