911 Calls Lead Police To Scene Of Crash Of Suspected Drunk Driver In Edmond

Monday, January 11th 2021, 10:29 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

EDMOND, Okla. -

New video shows the end of a wild and dangerous ride by an accused drunk driver in Edmond.

Police bodycam video shows a driver dazed and confused.

Reports show 911 callers helped police track down Daquila Jackson, before she hurt anyone else.

Victim: I didn't see it because it just rear ended me.          

The hit-and-run happened near Danforth and Sante Fe on Saturday.

Victim: I don't know where the other person is, I think it's a hit and run. He left!   

And while the victim could not describe the driver others were watching and helping police track down the suspect.

911: Is anybody injured? 

911 Caller: I don't know! We left the scene to chase after the drunk guy!  

911: Ma’am take a deep breath.

911 Caller: He's drunk! He's in different lanes! Oh God, he's in oncoming traffic right now! People are swerving in ditches! We need cops fast! Oh my god! There was almost a head on traffic! Oh my God!!!!

Police said the driver, Jackson, crashed through a fence and into a thicket of thorns and barbed wire.

911 Caller: He has left the roadway; he has not reentered!            

Once out, Jackson appeared to be confused.

Jackson: I see a lot of cars, but I don't see my car. Where's my car?

Police: Where are you at?

Jackson: I’m in Edmond.    

Police: Earlier you told me you were in Spencer.

Jackson initially agreed to a sobriety test but changed her mind midway through.

Jackson: Do I got to do this? Are you all serious?  

Police: I’m asking you to perform this test. 

Jackson: Do I have to? 

Police placed Jackson under arrest. 

Police: I’m taking you to jail for DUI.

Jackson: No, you aren’t! 

Police: Yes, I am.   

Jackson: No, you aren’t! 

Police: Absolutely I am.

Jackson denied consuming alcohol and she refused a blood test.

Records show she has two prior convictions for DUI.