Thousands Of Oklahomans Register Through State’s Portal To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine, OSDH Says

Monday, January 11th 2021, 5:43 pm


The State Department of Health said thousands of Oklahomans have registered to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. They said issues regarding their scheduler portal have been resolved, but many are still waiting to get their shot.

The OSDH told News 9 this process will take time, as more doses of the vaccine come in, more appointments will be scheduled.

As many in phase two began receiving their vaccine shot last week, thousands more are anticipating their opportunity. According to health officials, over 330,000 Oklahomans have registered through the portal and almost 19,000 appointments have been scheduled.

“We are getting some indications through operation warp speed and such that we may see some increases in our applications,” said Keith Reed, Deputy Commissioner for OSDH.

Reed said as more distribution centers pop up around the state, they have to be added to the portal, which can slow down the state's ability to put more appointments in the system.

“Because a lot of these PODS do not occur in county health departments,” said Reed. “They are occurring at maybe community centers, at Expo Centers, at fairgrounds.”

If you sign up, you are not limited to the county you live in. You can schedule an appointment anywhere in the state and the portal will show you the closest available appointment. You also don't have to get your second shot at the same location where you received your first.

“We are putting some language in and some directions that will help direct people to second shot PODS,” said Reed.

Those who are currently eligible in phase two are health care workers, first responders, and those 65 and older. Officials said it's uncertain when teachers under 65 will be eligible to get their vaccine.