Local Pharmacy Proffessor Stresses Importance Of COVID Vaccine 2nd Dose, Talks Safety & Side Effects

Monday, January 11th 2021, 4:19 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine


Thousands of Oklahomans have already received the first dose of the COVID 19 vaccine, and the time has come for some to receive their second dose.

Lourdes Planas, a University of Oklahoma Pharmacy Professor, said some side effects are normal.

“If someone does have a low-grade fever. If they feel tired, if they have a few body aches after a couples of days after receiving the vaccine.” Planas said.

She said it just means the vaccine is working.

Planas said after her first dose, she felt soreness.

"The only thing I felt was that my arm was sore at the injection site,” Planas said.

Others commonly will have some redness and irritation.

"After one dose the effectiveness was shown to be about 50 percent,” Planas said.

However, Planas said getting the second dose is crucial. She said depending on the vaccine, the effectiveness goes up to 94 or 95%

“It's really, really important for people to receive that second dose of the same vaccine,” she said.

Pfizer's second dose should be administered 21 days after the first dose and Moderna's should be given 4 weeks later.

Planas said she's heard many people's fears about whether the vaccine is safe after being produced in such a short timeline.

"The clinical trials for the vaccine were not rushed," she said.

Planas said it was the paperwork to get everything started that was rushed, but not the clinical studies themselves.

"I feel very confident about recommending it to other people,” Planas said.

Planas said even if you do receive the vaccine, you should continue to wash your hands, watch your distance, and wear a mask. The extra precautions will help to bring us one step closer to herd immunity.