Bodycam Video Shows Arrest Of Father Accused Of Being Under The Influence With Children In Car

Tuesday, January 5th 2021, 10:51 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

EDMOND, Okla. -

A driver suspected of being under the influence was arrested after police said he was found parked in an Edmond intersection and ignored their commands.

Despite pleas from his young children video shows the man refusing to cooperate with Edmond police.

Police: Roll down your window.

Despite more than a dozen requests to roll down his window Steven McKenzie refuses.

Police: Roll down the window.  Roll down the window. Roll down your window.      

Police: Turn the car off. Turn the car off. Hey, turn the car off.      

His two children, ages 8 and 10 were in the back seat.

Police: Are these your kids? 

Suspect: Yeah.  

Police: Where are you coming from?      

Police found McKenzie parked at a stop light at 15th and Broadway on Saturday.

A concerned patron notified officers.

Police: Listen to me. I’m worried about these kid’s safety. You don't have your headlights on, you've missed turn cycles.

As McKenzie continued to ignore commands one of his frightened children is heard pleading with the officer.

Child: Please! Don't arrest us, we're trying to go home!   

The child offers to answer the questions her father won't.

Police: Why are you just not listening to anything I’m saying?   

Child: Sir? Sir? Please, I can answer the questions.        

Off camera a second officer arrives and shuttles the children to another patrol car. Their father then attempts to explain himself.

Police: What is going on? 

Suspect: I told you I’m not having a good day.   

Police: You're not having a good day?  

Police eventually had to force Mckenzie out of the vehicle.

Police: Get out of the car. Get out of the car or I’m going to drag you out of the car!!!!         

While blowing on a breathalyzer police said the man fell asleep then later admitted to being under the influence of methadone.