Doctors Urge Caution With Social Media Post On Fighting COVID-19 At Home

Wednesday, December 30th 2020, 10:44 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A post making rounds on social media is suggesting it has the cure for fighting COVID-19 at home, but local medical professionals are raising some concerns about it. 

Whenever you’re sick at home doctors say fluids, good rest and nutrition are all important like the post suggests. 

Doctor Rachel Franklin, MD, at OU Health Physician’s Family Medicine said it is not a cure for COVID-19. 

The post has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and the Nextdoor app. 

“In any situation where medical science doesn’t offer a quick and easy solution to a problem that either creates discomfort, pain or fear for a person, they are going to go looking for anything that promises a quick and easy fix,” said Franklin. 

Where doctors say the post goes wrong, is suggesting certain prescriptions even aspirin. 

“There has been no evidence Azithromycin can help with COVID-19,” said. Franklin “In fact, we have seen an increase in drug resistant sexually transmitted diseases because of the overuse of azithromycin during COVID-19.” 

There is no scientific proof that even with the COVID vaccine, you can’t still spread the virus to those that haven’t received the vaccination. Bottom line, doctors say, be extremely cautious online. 

“If it uses these absolute terms or makes you feel very strongly about something, that really should be a trigger for you to pause, not repost yet and go do some more research. Go think about what that post is telling you,” said Franklin.