Lynn Institute Looking For Volunteers For Novavax’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Wednesday, December 30th 2020, 10:32 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Another coronavirus vaccine is now under final stage testing. The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine is on its way to gain emergency use authorization, but they first need participants in their final trials. Some happening right here in Oklahoma.

The Lynn Institute in Oklahoma City has held trials for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and now Novavax’s.

They’re looking for 300 to 500 Oklahomans to participate.

“In terms of importance it is very important because we are going to need to have a lot of vaccine manufactures and makers to make the amount of vaccines that we need,” said Carlos Blanco, the CEO of the Lynn Institute.

Blanco said to do that, clinical trials must happen.

Right now, they are looking for Oklahomans 18 and up to participate in the phase three trial.

Two thirds of the volunteers will be given the Novavax vaccine and the other third will be given the placebo.

“These clinical trials offer the opportunity to get vaccinated much much earlier than our group would be called by the health department in terms of the order vaccines are distributed,” said Blanco. “So, it is a good opportunity.”

If you would like to participate you can call the Lynn Institute at 405-447-8839 or visit their website.