Nurse Speaks Out After Being Among First In The State To Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

Saturday, December 26th 2020, 10:28 pm
By: Hunter McKee

As health care workers continue to receive their COVID-19 vaccines across the country, one Oklahoma nurse said he was vaccinated just last week. 

Kris Buckley, who has been on the front lines since the beginning of this pandemic, said the vaccine is a critical step to controlling the spread of this virus.

“I really think we need to make it available on a massive scale as soon as possible,” said Buckley.

Buckley works at OU Health as an ICU nurse. He said hospitals are stretched to their max, and health care workers have been asked to do more than they ever expected as COVID-19 cases continue to climb throughout the state.

“We don’t have enough staff,” said Buckley. “We don’t have enough supply. Sometimes, we don’t have enough medication.”

He said one of the toughest parts is being away from family and friends.

“I've been exposed daily since the pandemic began, so I haven’t seen my parents all year,” said Buckley.

In April, he traveled to New York with a group of local nurses. There, he helped take care of multiple patients for three weeks.

“I really learned just how fast a virus like this can spread in a dense population,” said Buckley.

When Buckley heard the news that doses of the Pfizer vaccine was on its way to Oklahoma, he knew he wanted to get it as soon as possible.

“I didn’t really experience any significant side effects other than sore arm and some increased fatigue the next day,” said Buckley.

Buckley also said most of the nurses he works with received the vaccine as well. He hopes everyone will still take the precautions necessary moving forward.