Local Fabricator Using Christmas Ornaments As Way To Give Back

Friday, December 25th 2020, 10:23 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

JONES, Okla. -

A local fabricator is spending yet another year giving back to the community through Christmas ornaments. 

It is a busy time of year at Master Fabricators in Jones. On top of everyday work, orders for ornaments this year have flooded in.  

It all started three years ago after the business just moved to the downtown area. 

“How do you get your name out in October (when) everybody is ready for the holiday season,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Master Fabricators. “We build collectibles, how do we get that out to the public?” 

The answer to that question three years ago was Christmas ornaments, made to be handed out far and wide.  

“We made (for) elementary, middle school, high school, we did the cafeteria staff, as many ornaments (as we could),” said Johnson. “We opened to the public, come in help us paint so we could give back to the community.” 

The idea has taken off. People, even local businesses are signing up. Kids are invited in for hands-on STEM practice. 

“There is so much that kids need to learn just to make simple basic things and we take so much of that for granted because big factories make them,” said Johnson. “So, I brought a big factory environment into a unique space.” 

Since setting up shop Master Fabricators has expanded, offering classes for kids and families. Spreading holiday cheer, one ornament at a time. 

“That will be a staple forever,” said Johnson. ”As long as we have got paint in the room and wood, we are going to make whatever the kids want. They have a great time.” 

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