Healthcare Workers Urge Caution To Avoid Holiday COVID-19 Spike

Friday, December 25th 2020, 5:30 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

Christmas day brings celebrations and those celebrations, big or small, bring a predicted spike in COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma.

"People get concerned about the one-day spikes," said Dr. Jennifer Clark, the Oklahoma State COVID-19 Consultant.

She said it is essential to continue to look at the weekly and monthly trends.

The seven-day average of positive cases is just under 3,500.

There has been a total of 2,328 deaths since the beginning.

As for ICU beds, there is just about 5% available on Friday, this being the weekly average.

"We're already seeing trends that December is going to be our worse month yet," said Dr. Clark.

Positive cases have increased by over 6% since last week, and deaths rose just over 13%.

But Dr. Clark said the hardest fact for her to swallow, is her fellow healthcare workers continue to get COVID-19 and are dying.

"That is giving our lives at times, especially in times of a public health emergency," said Dr. Clark.

The latest report shows there has been a total of 10,651 Oklahoma healthcare workers infected with COVID-19. Twenty of the front-line workers have died.

"We've taken this oath to protect you. We ask you to please protect us," said Dr. Clark.

She said there is no silver bullet to the pandemic we are in now, not even the vaccine.

"As individuals, we need to take responsibility for the three Ws and now the 4th W. Wash your hands, wear your mask, watch your distance, and welcome the vaccine," said Dr. Clark.