13-Year-Old Raises Nearly $6,000 To Buy Presents For Kids In Need

Tuesday, December 22nd 2020, 12:17 pm
By: CBS News

For his 11th birthday, Jaxson Turner asked for something unique — to give back to others. Jaxson wanted to prove you're never too young to care, so he raised money to feed 250 people at a homeless shelter on Easter Sunday. He's now 13 years old and has continued that tradition of giving with his own charity: Never Too Young To Care, or N2Y2C.

Wearing his signature green bowtie, Turner leads multiple charity projects a year, such as feeding the homeless or donating to domestic violence victims. He holds lemonade stands, charity dinners and collects donations around North Texas. In total, he's raised $72,444 for N2Y2C projects.

For his Christmas project this year, Turner wanted to help to kids at the Samaritan Inn shelter in McKinney, Texas. "The reason that I started my Christmas project was because Santa has always gave me everything on my Christmas list," he told CBS News. "The families at Samaritan Inn are already worried about being homeless. Why should the moms worry about Christmas presents?"

Using social media outreach and talking to people in his community, Turner raised nearly $6,000. Then he got to work shopping for warm clothes and other presents for the 61 children at Samaritan Inn.

"Each child will receive brand new shoes, brand new coats, brand new socks and a hot meal and also a stuffed animal," he said. He delivered the gifts to Samaritan Inn last week, saying there were "so many smiles, laughter, clapping and eating." He not only dropped off the presents, but stayed for the Christmas party and magic show he organized for the kids there. 

Turner, who calls himself Mr. President, said he hopes his charity work leads him into a bright future. "Doing all of the charity work really makes me happy," he said. "In life, I want to become the president, and I have to start somewhere." 

He's living proof of the idea that people are never too young to care — or to make a difference in the lives of others.