CARE Center Working To Raise Funds To Expand Service

Monday, December 21st 2020, 6:30 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahoma City -

The CARE Center is working to expand in order to prevent child abuse and provide healing for kids and families in Oklahoma County.

The only hold up is more funding. 

The non-profit has already raised millions but still lack about $500,000.

After the initial lockdown, board members told News 9 they have seen a spike in reports of child abuse. The non-profit already had an expansion plan in the works but COVID has really accelerated the need.

Board members said the funds they are hoping to raise will go toward build space for services like forensic interviews and hopefully cut down the time it takes for families to get help.

"Today the wait time for that forensic interview, that important interview I was telling you about it's now 5-6 weeks," said CARE Center Board President Aaron Curry. "If you can imagine here you are in an abusive situation, now you're having to wait just to get basic essentials."

The First Lady of Oklahoma, Sarah Stitt is an honorary board member for the non-profit and said during this time some parents have had no choice but to leave their kids with others. She's jumped in to help with the fundraising and said she wants to help kids and parents that may be finding out the unimaginable.

"I just think as a mother when I think how I would feel in that situation, if I had learned something had happened to my child," said the First Lady. "The guilt, and the pain, and the shock. And the care center literally takes these families and wraps their arms around them."

To learn more and donate to the center, head to the CARE Center's official website