Woman Meets First Responders Who Saved Her Life

Saturday, December 19th 2020, 10:53 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

MOORE, Okla. -

A man slammed his car into three victims in two vehicles back on June 11. Brandi Toney was in one of the vehicles.

First responders worked to rescue Toney as the car was engulfed in flames. This weekend, Toney met the people who saved her life.

"They gave me my life back,” Toney said. “They did.”

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Toney gathered the officers to meet, eat and thank those who saved her. 

"It feels like family, and I can't thank these officers enough for saving me that morning," Toney said.

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The Moore Police Department said moments like this do not come as often as they would like. When they get to celebrate a victory like this, it's a gratifying moment.

"These are awesome. It validates what we do, as a career and a profession," Moore Police Department Lt. David Seay said. 

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Toney still faces an uphill battle in her recovery from the accident. It took Toney months to take her first steps, but she continues to enjoy life's moments.

"I've walked halfway through the aisle, and we got married," Toney said.

Since the accident, Toney has become an advocate against drunk driving. 

"If this story can get out and save one person from going out and getting behind the wheel and causing an accident, I've accomplished something in my life," Toney said.