Hundreds Of Fort Sill Soldiers Fly Out Of Will Rogers World Airport For The Holidays

Friday, December 18th 2020, 6:01 am
By: Caleb Califano

A sea of camouflage filled Will Rogers World Airport Friday morning as hundreds of soldiers from Fort Sill were able to return home for Christmas and New Year's, a top priority this year for the army.

This year however, the soldiers are donning a new piece of equipment: a facemask. In the year of COVID, going home is a little more complicated.

"We are mitigating that by ensuring that all trainees are wearing their mask. They are maintaining their social distancing," says Captain Kyle Schembechler. "Once they are back home, all of them are going to be screened. And once they return to Fort Sill they will immediately go into a two-week quarantine."

However even with the extra steps, the soldiers were excited to return and finally have the chance to see family again.

"So for the holidays we always have the tradition of getting together and having a big family dinner. I am pretty excited to get back home and do that," says Private Deehan Brumar.

An even larger group will touch down Friday at around midnight.