Mercy Hospital Caregivers Receive First COVID-19 Vaccinations

Wednesday, December 16th 2020, 7:52 am
By: Colby Thelen


First Mercy Hospital of Oklahoma City released new video of frontline workers receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. 

A total of 75 caregivers were offered the vaccine on Tuesday, within hours of it arriving at the hospital. 

The first doses came in a 9 a.m. and were immediately placed in the ultra-cold freezer, set aside for its storage. 

From there, the pharmacy staff began the thawing process prior to administering the shots. 

The first two people at the hospital to receive the shot were registered nurse Lauren Jerichow, and Dr. Maroun Tawk. 

Jerichow works in the medical and surgical unit and treats coronavirus patients daily. She explained why she felt it was important to receive the vaccine. 

"I want to see my family again," she said. "I haven't seen my parents in a year. I want to hug my mom again." 

Jerichow admitted she was nervous about receiving it, but also excited. She said she treated many patients that didn't leave the hospital. 

"I think if we have the opportunity to change that, then why not."

Dr. Maroun Tawk treats patients in the critical care unit and intensive care unit. He believes this vaccine is the best shot at stopping the circulation of the virus, protecting himself, protecting his family, and protecting his future patients.  

"The science is solid and valid," he said. "I know what I got, and I know the side effects of the vaccine. I would rather have the vaccine than the illness because I saw so many patients sick, some of them made it and some of them did not."

The hospital said there is a full vaccination schedule Wednesday through Friday. 

Administrators believe this first shipment will be enough to vaccinate all frontline workers who treat COVID-19 inpatients.

Additionally, they expect future shipments will be able to vaccinate all Mercy co-workers.