Healthcare Workers Call On Public To Take Precautions As COVID-19 Hospitalization Increase

Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 6:30 am
By: Tevis Hillis

Oklahoma City -

Healthcare workers are calling on the public to take precautions as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. Even with the vaccine in sight, doctors and nurses plan to continue to care for the increasing need.

"Nobody signed up for this, but it is our job as healthcare workers to serve and protect our community," said Bonnie Renfro, an ICU nurse in the metro.

Renfro has been in the ICU since COVID-19 hit the state in mid-March.

She says inside the hospital walls is an overwhelming place.

Right now, there are more than 1,700 COVID-19 patients in the hospital, with 47 new patients added in just one day.

The state's ICU units are 97% full right now.

But the common issue as COVID cases continue to rise is if the staff is able to serve those in need.

Renfro said there is no way to get more staffing.

Some nurses can have two to three patients, but in other cases, one patient needs the same nurse all day.

With doctors expecting cases to get worse, Renfro has a message for people who are not taking precautions.

"I think it is selfish. I think we really need to think of everybody,” said Renfro. “I have not hugged my parents, my sisters or my nieces and nephews since March."

Renfro said her largest concern is what happens after the pandemic. She said it will be a realization when many loved ones do not get to come home.