Oklahoma Man Arrested, Accused Of Making Threats Against Sen. Jim Inhofe

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 10:30 pm


A Stephens County man accused of threatening to hurt U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe with a sledgehammer is in jail with a million-dollar bond.

Court documents show he threatened several appointed and elected officials.

According to court documents, Walker Wilson was being monitored by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation's Fusion Center, which focuses on collecting and disseminating terrorism intelligence.

In a string of posts to Twitter under the handle DrWildWilson investigators said Wilson threatened Stephens County Sheriff Wayne Mckinney, other law enforcement officers, and U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe.

In a post dated November 2, Wilson is accused of writing "Somebody tell Jim Inhofe to watch his back. I keep getting closer and closer.”

Attached in the posts are several pictures of Wilson holding a sledgehammer.

Another post dated November 16, investigators said Wilson expressed frustration for not receiving a tax return, stimulus check, or unemployment, saying in part "...almost like I'm undetectable, a ghost in the system. Right Jim? How does this stainless taste?"

Later that day a person believed to be Wilson said “This is not a joke. If I'm unable to create a substantial change in my living conditions, I will begin targeting both elected and appointed government officials."

Investigators arrested Wilson November 17.

They said he was in possession of a gun. Investigators believe Wilson was referencing the gun in his threats toward Inhofe.

Investigators report, Wilson also said he thought it would be fun to shoot up the National Guard.

He's charged with endeavoring to perform acts of violence and unlawful use of a computer.