Oklahoma Father Struggles With Son's Unsolved Murder, Pleads For Answers

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 5:56 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

Oklahoma City -

The person who murdered a Clinton man earlier this year is still on the run. Oklahoma City police have not made any arrests in the shooting death of 24-year-old Alex Harge. The victim’s father wants the murder solved and justice for his son.

“They’re about as close now as they were then,” said Michael Harge, victim’s father.

Harge was referring to his son’s investigation. He said leads in the February murder have gone cold. His son travelled from Clinton to Oklahoma City to visit for the weekend and never went back home.

“It was my son’s childhood friend that he went to school with that he came to visit,” said Harge.

Harge, Cleevan Reed and Joshua Rogers were hanging out at a home in northeast Oklahoma City when someone opened fire on the home around 4 a.m. on Feb. 3. Harge was shot twice and died inside the home. The other two men were not seriously injured.

The victim's father said his son was an innocent bystander, at the wrong place and the wrong time.

“The guy’s house they went over I think they must have had some type of beef with whoever did this maybe a day or two before or whatever,” said Harge.

Harge believed his son's friends most likely knew who was responsible but are not helping investigators.

“Somebody took his life, and that person or persons are still out there,” said Harge.

He struggles knowing his son's life was cut short due to gun violence. Now all he has are pictures he keeps close and memories of a young man he says everyone loved.

“Twenty-four-year-old,” said Harge. “Just the beginning and now it’s gone.”

The grieving father now pleads for someone to offer police new information. A lead that will solve his son's murder.

“Someone needs to just anonymously make a call and say, ‘Hey I know who shot him,” said Harge. “I know who did it.”

Anyone with information that can help investigators solve the case can call the Homicide Tip Line at 405-297-1200.