Governor Stitt Looking For New State Board Of Education Appointee

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 6:47 am
By: Tevis Hillis

Oklahoma City -

The Governor's office is reopening the search for a new state board of education member after controversial pick Melissa Crabtree's appointment was rescinded.

Governor Kevin Stitt's office said Crabtree is the one who asked for her appointment to be rescinded amid criticism over her lack of experience in public education and her stance on COVID-19 face masks.

"It looks by her bio she's an essential oil salesman who is anti-vaccination and anti-mask," said Joe Dorman with the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.

According to a bio from the Governor's Office, Crabtree has a bachelor's degree in special education, taught in a classroom for four years but moved to homeschool her children- while also advising other

parents on homeschooling. 

Governor Stitt said in a statement to News 9, "I was extremely disappointed to see how many were so quick to judge her without taking the time to personally speak to her." He went on to say "... it's become clear that Democrats and unions only value the voices of teachers when they are willing to fall in line with their political agendas."

Crabtree said she's honored to be considered but this is not the right opportunity for her to serve the state.

Crabtree was Stitt's pick to replace appointee Kurt Bollenbach.

A spokesperson from the Governor's office said Bollenbach was removed because, quote, "it's important that the board members follow the governor's positions."

Governor Stitt said he will now reopen the search process and identify a new appointee as soon as possible.