Real Christmas Tree Sales Go Up During The Pandemic

Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 10:49 am
By: CBS News

The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of life and that has many leaning on an old tradition for a sense of normalcy this holiday season, such as searching for the perfect Christmas tree.

"People are also cooped up in their houses. They're looking for something they can do," Bill Exley, the owner of Exley Farms in New Jersey, said.

That's leading to a boost in business.

"We knew people were going to come out, we knew we were going to be busy, but we didn't know it was gonna be this much of an increase," Randy Motley, owner of Motley's Tree Farm in Arkansas, said.

In a survey from the Christmas Tree Promotion Board, 21% of people said they were more likely to buy a real Christmas tree this year after having an artificial one last year or no tree at all.

Doug Hundley with the National Christmas Tree Association said the desire to decorate follows a trend seen all year.

"The nation's garden centers just had their best year in decades. People gardening, landscaping, and we hope and think that it can lead right into a big decorating year with real trees, garlands, wreaths," Hundley said.

There's been scattered tree shortages in recent years because of the economy, fires, and drought. Sellers have some concern about supplies, but right now most are well stocked.

The Myers family looked long and hard to find their perfect Christmas tree this year. They had plenty of options.

Dakota Myers said this has been a rough year and the tree is going to help "bring us through Christmas."

It's appreciation for a Christmas to remember during a year many would like to forget.