Something Good: Local Entrepreneur Helping Environment, Farmers

Tuesday, December 1st 2020, 6:52 pm

Sharina Perry never had any seeds of doubt when it came to starting her own plant-based company. 

“I’ve always believed that I could do anything I wanted to,” Perry said. 

Like creating and patenting the science for a resin to make her plant-based bags, utensils, and straws, all without a chemistry degree. 

“Maybe God just made some of us natural chemists,” she said. 

While Sharina did get some help from chemists, her mind and motivation have been the main tools in creating Utopia PlastiX in the summer of 2018. 

A company that not only provides eco-friendly products, but jobs for farmers to plant crops needed for the resin. 

“We now have an end product that will make sure the farmer has the best advantage and is in the best position,’ Perry said.

The company also aims to help minorities. 

"It gives a minority landowner that’s not typically in farming, the opportunity to use their land to produce a crop, that they never have to stop growing.” 

Sharina has many manufacturers and distributors that produce and deliver her products to places you may have heard of, like Pebble Beach. 

Recently she gave industry leaders and state agencies a tour of Poly Films in Oklahoma City, as they churn out Utopia PlastiX bags. 

Her goal is to broaden Utopia’s horizons. 

“After today, I know I have a commitment from the agencies and the alliances in this state in manufacturing, in government, in technology to advance the interest of Utopia.” 

You could be seeing a lot more of Utopia PlastiX soon. 

They’re in the process of sending sample straw and to-go containers to Chick-Fil-A.