OKC Police Investigate Deadly Shooting After Woman Found Dead Outside Gas Station

Sunday, November 29th 2020, 7:07 am
By: Hunter McKee, News 9


Neighbors are mourning the loss of a woman found and killed outside a gas station in Northwest Oklahoma City. Police were responding to a shots fired call last night when the woman was found. 

Police say the shooting happened at a 7-Eleven near NW 10th and Western around 11pm Saturday night.

“We came around here and was looking and we saw police all over, it was scary,” said one resident who lives close to the area.

When police they arrived on scene, they found a woman with apparent gunshot wounds dead outside. One neighbor who lives across the street said she and her daughter heard close to 20 shots.

“Several at first, just kind of pop, pop, pop,” said Cecelia Emanuel-Head, a neighbor. “Then it sounded like a machine gun, rapid fire.”

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified said she frequents this 7-Eleven and often saw the victim in passing.

“You talk to a person on a daily basis, Hello and how are you?”

While she didn’t know the woman personally, she said her death has made an impact.

“She was somebody’s daughter,” said the neighbor. “At one time she was somebody’s little girl, and she was a young woman and I just think about that.”

Emmanuel-Head said she’s lived here 20 years and had never heard gunshots before.

“We’ve never even had anything taken out of our yard, this doesn’t that doesn’t happen around here,” said Emanuel-Head.

Others said it’s a reflection of the neighborhood that’s slowly gone downhill.

“I’ve seen people get knocked out, I’ve seen people get their bikes jerked from their owners,” said one neighbor.

While no arrests have been made, investigators say a black SUV was seen leaving the scene. Police are working to identify a possible suspect.