‘It Would Change My Life’: Wagoner Father Of 4 In Need Of Kidney Transplant

Thursday, November 26th 2020, 10:22 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

WAGONER, Okla. -

A Wagoner family is praying for a Thanksgiving miracle, as a husband and father of four, may only live for five more years unless he gets a kidney transplant.

He and his family are praying someone will be a match.

Micah and his wife Reenita said their only wish this holiday season is to find someone willing to give Micah the gift of life by being a living kidney donor.

Micah and Reenita Belyeu said they've had struggles all through their lives, but God has always shown up. Reenita was told she would never have kids, and now has four.

"It was a miracle to have each one of them," she said.

The family is hoping for a new miracle for Micah.

Micah got pneumonia last summer, then had a bad reaction to his treatments that ended up seriously damaging his kidneys.

He now has end-stage kidney disease. That means he has to be on dialysis or get a new kidney.

"While on dialysis it increases your chance of dying about 15% each year," Micah said.

Micah has been on dialysis for 8 to 10 hours each day since February, and he is constantly weak.

He said most patients can only be on dialysis for 5 to 10 years -- a reality the 43-year-old has to face.

"You can't plan for the future when you don't know it will hold," Micah said.

But Micah said there is a way he can have a happy and long life.

If someone with A positive, A negative, O positive or O Negative blood is a kidney match and can donate one of theirs, Micah can live a normal life with his four kids and wife.

"It'll be the milestones in the kid's life, the graduations, the grandbabies," said Reenita.

On this Thanksgiving, Micah is holding on to every single second with his family.

And he said the greatest gift he could ever get this Christmas is a kidney, and a future with the people he loves the most.

"It would change my life. I would have more of a hope," Micah said.

The family said their insurance will pay for all of the donor's expenses.

Click here for more info on Micah's journey, or to contact the family email MiracleforMicah@gmail.com.