Something Good: Metro Church Gives Back On Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26th 2020, 5:58 pm

Oklahoma City -

Antioch Institutional Baptist Church in Oklahoma City is putting the "give" in Thanksgiving. 

“The foundation of this church is love, and that’s what we want to express at all times," said Pastor James R. Harris Jr. 

The pastor and his wife Crystal started here just eight weeks ago, but nothing was cobbled together for Thursday. 

Cheerful volunteers operated a finely tuned turkey assembly line, putting together meals to serve the community. 

One of the groups they invited to come were military members. 

“So many of our military is displaced. It’s vital to me, that as a church body, that we reach every aspect of the community," said Harris Jr.

The pastor and other volunteers went mobile with the meals as well, delivering to the elderly and other homebound people. 

Any extra meals they had were given to the homeless. 

“If we can be just a beacon of light, where we can just reach out and touch somebody, this year in particular," said Harris Jr.

“Some people probably can’t afford to have Thanksgiving right now, so we feel very good that we’re able to bless the community," said Crystal.

While Thanksgiving is the perfect day to give thanks and be kind, Pastor Harris Jr. wants to remind us that every day is a good day to do that. 

“There’s nothing like giving back. I’m telling you, when you give back, you are blessed,” he said.