Black Lives Matter OKC Demands Justice After Teen Suspect Shot, Killed By OCPD

Tuesday, November 24th 2020, 10:33 pm

Oklahoma City -

Black Lives Matter OKC is demanding justice for a 15-year-old shot and killed by six police officers.

Video shows officers surrounding a convenience store in southwest Oklahoma City after an armed robbery report.

In a press release Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Police Department said officers shot and killed Stavian Rodriguez when he did not follow commands. Black Live's Matter OKC said the video shows otherwise.

Rodriguez, armed with a gun is seen exiting the building through the store's drive-thru window. Officers repeatedly commanded for Rodriguez to drop his weapon.                                         

"The person exited the facility, appeared to place the firearm as commanded, or directed on the ground, as they straighten up, as they stood and appeared to be getting ready to raise their hands you hear shots fired," said Black Lives Matter OKC Executive Director, T. Sheri Dickerson.

Just seconds before, in witness video, the teenager is seen with one hand in the air, the other hand on a gun that he appeared to put down. He then moved his hands toward his waist in what police called suspicious movements. Dozens of bullets killed the teenager.

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According to police Rodriguez went to the store, pointed a gun at the clerk, demanded money, and then left. He returned minutes later demanding more.

"He said, ‘whatever you have, give it to me,’ and he gave him the money. He told my dad to put the money in the bag," said the store owner’s daughter, Mehjabin Khanam.

According to police, in all five officers fired shots, and one fired a less lethal round.

“Condolence and offerings of support to the family of 15-year-old Stavian Rodriguez,” said Dickerson.

The officers are on paid administrative leave.

Dickerson told News 9 Black Lives Matter OKC has reached out to the family to offer their support. The organization plans to organize a protest.