Edmond Nonprofit Has 1,000,000 Reasons To Celebrate Woman's 105th Birthday

Tuesday, November 24th 2020, 6:40 pm
By: Brian Mueller

On her 105th birthday, Mary Mullennix can still remember her nearly two-mile walks to school when she was a kid. 

“I think that helped me build strong bones and maybe helped me live this long," said Mullennix.

Thanks to Edmond Mobile Meals, it’s easy for Mary to stay well fed, no long walks required. 

The service celebrated delivering their 1,000,000th meal overall, the birthday girl the recipient. 

It was fried chicken, with a birthday parade on the side. 

“It was sort of a natural combination of celebrating Mary’s birthday and also celebrating our 1,000,000th meal," said Cristi Twenter, Executive Director of Edmond Mobile Meals.

“I enjoy the meal and the people that bring them, it’s just wonderful," said Mullennix.

Edmond Mobile Meals has been serving homebound seniors in their community since 1974. 

Carolyn Vance was one of the co-founders. Her sons said she would be proud to see it 1,000,000 meals later. 

“She would be enormously proud, this would be the culmination of a life’s work for her," said Brian Vance.

John Vance said, “I don’t think in her wildest dreams that she thought they would ever hit a million meals.” 

A feat made even more impressive when you consider the organization has only two and a half staff members, but over 400 volunteers. 

“That I think is the biggest legacy. The community in Edmond, the volunteers, and everyone in Edmond just stepping forward and saying we’re going to take care of our own," said Twenter.

If you’d like to help people like Mary, Edmond Mobile Meals is always looking for donations and volunteers to help bag meals and deliver them. You can find more information on their website.