Friends Of Michigan Man Killed By Police Say They’re Heartbroken

Saturday, November 21st 2020, 9:32 pm


Days after a Michigan man was shot and killed by Oklahoma City police, friends of 43-year-old Michael Dansby said they were shocked to hear of his death on Thursday night. 

Tommy Frentner said Dansby was always a loving person who never wanted to do harm to anyone.

“He was the type of guy that would give you anything,” Frentner said. “If you needed the last $5 in his pocket, he’d give it to you if you needed it. Shirt off his back, he’d do anything for anybody.”

Frentner said he’s known Dansby for several years now. They both went to high school together in Michigan. 

Frentner first heard the news Friday night as he and others back in Michigan tried to piece together how something like this could happen.

“We’re all sick to our stomachs about it,” Frentner said. “That’s not who Mike is.”

Dansby and his fiancé, along with their three children, moved to southwest Oklahoma City last week. According to police, in days leading up to the shooting, Dansby called 911 to say he was being harassed. 

Dansby’s fiancé told News 9 on Friday that he hadn’t been himself.

Frentner hasn’t seen Dansby in a year, but said they still kept in touch.

“We could go years without seeing each other and we’ll pick up right where it was like yesterday,” Frentner said.

Dansby’s fiancé called police on Thursday night, telling dispatchers that he was loading a rifle to confront their neighbors. According to police, he believed they were watching him through security cameras. 

When officers arrived on scene, they found him with the rifle in his hand. They ordered him to drop it, but police said, instead, he raised the rifle. The two responding officers then fired at Dansby, killing him at the scene.  

The two officers who fired at Dansby were placed on paid administrative leave. The shooting is still under investigation.