Something Good: Norman Horse Trainer Gets On Royalty's Radar

Friday, November 20th 2020, 6:42 pm

NORMAN, Okla. -

Horses have always been at the top of Jamie Jennings wish list. 

“I was born loving horses, it’s just one of those things. Every Christmas, I was the one looking under the tree for a pony, because that’s realistic," said horse trainer Jamie Jennings. 

And while those ponies never popped up under the tree, she now has plenty of horses and other animals under the roof of her barn in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Jamie’s family moved here from Phoenix two years ago for her husband’s work. 

Jamie has competed in equestrian events since she was a kid, and today trains off-track thoroughbreds and finds adoptive homes for them. 

She took her training to another level two years ago when she learned under the legendary trainer Monty Roberts, becoming a certified instructor in his teachings. 

“His methods for training horses are non-violent. We don’t use whips or spurs or anything. It’s using the horses’ language to communicate with the horse,” said Jamie. 

It was through Roberts that Jamie got on royalty’s radar. 

Roberts trains horses for Queen Elizabeth II, and her Royal Highness singled-out a select few trainers around the world for their work in non-violent training. 

"I went to the mailbox, and there’s a big package that says Royal Mail and Buckingham Palace. I was very shocked, but completely honored,” said Jamie. 

A trip to the palace is in the works. 

“Do I practice a curtsy, I mean, what do you do? I just give her a big ol’ hug,” said Jamie

And while Jamie will have to hold her horses on that trip until after the pandemic, working with them will always be her life’s passion.