K-Club Spreads Joy Through Chalk To Celebrate World Kindness Day

Tuesday, November 17th 2020, 6:42 pm
By: Brian Mueller

If you happened to see some positive messages around town the last few days, you can chalk it up to these guys, the K-Club. 

The group’s goal is to simply spread kindness. 

Every year they celebrate World Kindness Day, this year pivoting due to the pandemic. 

“We thought, well everyone can go chalk, and everybody needs a little extra joy and kindness right now. So we thought that people can go out in the city and just spread joy," said Holly Barrón, the K-Club President.

This positivity posse chalked over 50 locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond on Saturday. 

It’s hard to call these random acts of kindness because it took a lot of planning. Holly and her team had to make over 50 phone calls to nursing homes, hospitals, and businesses to get the OK to chalk their places up.

“We always laugh because it sounds so simple but you kind of have to have a plan," said Holly.

The K in K-Club stands for Keaton, Holly and her husband Luke’s son. 

Keaton founded the K-Club while battling Leukemia, a fight that started when he was just two and a half. 

Membership in the club is $1, which goes right to charity, and it is a club everyone wants to be in. 

K-Club has members in every state and multiple countries. 

Keaton spread kindness to others every day, and although he lost his battle with cancer two years ago at the age of 8, his message is still very much in living color. 

“I think Keaton left us the K-Club as a gift to us. He fought so hard, so beautifully, so humbly, so quietly, and was always kind and worried about everybody else even when he was suffering," said Holly.

“He just is living on and spreading kindness, compassion and courage and caring," said Kay Tangner, a K-Club board member.