Gov. Stitt Sets New COVID-19 Restriction In Hopes To Slow Spread Of Virus

Tuesday, November 17th 2020, 5:05 am


The state health department reported 2,700 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, as Governor Kevin Stitt announced new restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus.

The governor said the goal is to get kids back to in-person learning and slow the spread of the virus. 

"The goal is to keep groups separated so we can slow the spread of COVID-19," said Governor Stitt. 

Starting Tuesday, state employees and visitors must wear masks in state government buildings. Then, starting Thursday bars and restaurants are required to space seating six feet apart, or install dividers. Owners are also required to close by 11 p.m. starting Thursday, with the exception of curbside takeout or drive-thru.

These big changes come ahead of Saturday's Bedlam showdown between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. However, bars on Campus Corner in Norman said they want to work with the governor.

"Lets work with him, with what he wants to, what the health department wants to do and make it work so we can stay open," said the manager at O'Connell's Jeff Stewart.

Members of the governor's team are encouraging Oklahomans to wear masks but there's still no state-wide mask mandate in place.

"Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance," said Commissioner of Health, Dr. Lance Frye. "These actions aren't trite. Science says they work."

Oklahoma is now one of only 15 states without a mask requirement.