Midwest City Dispensary To Roll Out Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

Friday, November 13th 2020, 7:07 am

Midwest City -

A Midwest City dispensary is unveiling its first medical marijuana vending machine in the Oklahoma City metro.

Dr. Terpz, the owners and designers of the EZ Weed Vending machine believe it's the first step towards the future of the medical marijuana industry. They say it's also a safer, non-contact option during the current pandemic.

The machine is fully touchscreen. It has a double layered verification system, which the owners say is OMMA compliant.

To use it, a person has to register with a proper identification card, thumb print scan, and photo the machine takes. They also need to put their information in like you would on the OMMA website.

Once registered, Dr. Terpz says they take security even further to make sure the person buying the product is accurate.

"There is going to be a live person that goes in and checks the picture on there to make sure the thumb print has cleared. And to double check with OMMA that it's an actual patient," says Kamran Ali from Dr. Terpz.

Ali says he's not worried about someone overweighing a sale. He says the tracking in the machine is exact and everything is numbered when it's placed in the machine.