Something Good: Chalk Art Brightens NW OKC Park

Thursday, November 12th 2020, 6:36 pm
By: Brian Mueller


If you don't have time to see a Rembrandt or Picasso in the museum, check out a Poole on the sidewalk, Nicole Poole that is.

Her works displayed on canvases of concrete at Edgemere Park in northwest Oklahoma City.

"Just to know that people are getting some joy out of something that I'm doing, is an amazing feeling," Poole said.

Nicole started her daily drawings in May.

Trying to bring a little joy to her neighbors through timely and cheerful images.

"I was watching people using the park, and everybody was looking down, and not connecting with each other, and I thought, there's got to be something I can say to people," she said. 

Her drawings make joggers and walkers stop to see just what she's come up with for the day.

"Curiosity is the path to connection and to compassion, and if each person is like, 'Oh, I wonder what that could be?' Then great, I'm giving something even better," Poole said.

Nicole is more into performance art, but you can chalk up her drawing talents to her father -- famed painter O. Gail Poole.

"I always doodled right next to him," she said.

While you can see her father's paintings in galleries, the 'Gram is the place to view all of Nicole's works.

She's built up quite the following, which has its pros and cons.

"It's amazing now that I've got followers on Instagram, but it also makes me feel like, gee, it better be good."

It is, and for today, it's also Something Good.