Oklahoma Co. Sheriff Candidates Face Off In Historic Race

Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, 6:11 am
By: Ashley Holden

Tuesday, voters in Oklahoma County will decide who will become their new sheriff. 

The two candidates on the ballot are Democrat Lt. Wayland Cubit and Republican Tommie Johnson III. Whoever wins will replace current sheriff P.D. Taylor and will also become the first black Oklahoma County Sheriff.

Lt. Cubit has spent decades with the Oklahoma City Police Department and told News 9 his first focus will be building community trust. Johnson has called Lt. Cubit out several times for talking in, what he calls, generalities.

"When we talk about specifics we have to have all the information," said Lt. Cubit. "That's what my opponent is not able to do is he's never lead he's never been in a position before. So he has plans but those are all just ideas. I have plans that I've actually implemented."

Johnson beat out incumbent P.D. Taylor in the primary runoff back in August. He spent time with the OU Police Department before spending five years with the Norman Police Dept. Lt. Cubit has continually said Johnson doesn't have the experience needed to be sheriff.

"Diverse experience is what I've had," said Johnson. "You know the two departments that I've been able to serve at, thank god, they have just put me in unique positions to be a leader and to learn leadership through those positions."

Johnson will be casting his ballot at Wheatland Methodist Church right when polls open at 7 a.m.

Lt. Cubit will be voting a few hours later at Forest Park Town Hall.

News 9 have full coverage of this race as votes come in.