AAA Honors Central Oklahoma's 90-Year-Old Road Warrior

Monday, November 2nd 2020, 6:43 pm
By: Brian Mueller

Jesse Dillon won't call himself the king of the road, but the longest tenured AAA customer in central Oklahoma may brag about his title occasionally. 

"I may mention it, and I've got a daughter that will just kind of shake her head and say, that's enough dad,” Dillon said. 

Mr. Dillon has been a AAA customer for 72 years. 

The soon to be 90-year-old got his first card in 1948 in Chicago and remembers life in the fast lane on the first days of freeways. 

"You could travel 55 miles per hour, it was unbelievable," he said. 

In recognition of his nearly three quarters of a century commitment, AAA presented Mr. Dillion with a lifetime membership. 

"With 100 years in place, we just wanted to showcase someone who has found AAA valuable through all the changes that have come with transportation. He has certainly seen a lot and put a lot of miles on his vehicle over time,” Leslie Gamble of AAA Oklahoma said. 

The Air Force vet and former air traffic controller still logs about 20,000 miles on his car every year travelling to different military organization events from coast to coast. 

Mr. Dillon's driving habits have shifted gears over the years. He tries not to drive at night anymore, with one key exception. 

"I go to Braum's in the evening after dark. Braum's is important." 

And don't expect those late-night burger runs to end any time soon. 

"Maybe I'll be back when I'm an 82-year member," Dillon said.