State Senator Stephanie Bice Campaigns For Last Day Before Election

Monday, November 2nd 2020, 6:42 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois


On the final day of campaigning before the election State Senator Stephanie Bice visited all three counties within Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District.

Bice started off at a theatre in Shawnee eventually moving to the Putnam City area, speaking to voters and asking questions.

“I'm actually spending the day with Senator James Lankford. We're going to be covering each of the three counties,” Bice said.

When asked what she wants voters to know one day before the election, Bice said she would represent Oklahomans in Congress the way she’s represented them in state government.

In what's been one of the closest races in the country, both Bice and her opponent, Congresswoman Kendra Horn, have faced attacks ads from outside groups.

“I think the campaigns themselves tried to be pretty positive. Unfortunately, there's a lot of outside groups that are interested in this race and they've invested a lot of resources,” Bice said.

Bice said if she could address any criticism, it would be her voting record on education.

“The truth is, I supported the largest investment in common education in Oklahoma history in 2018. Almost $500 million went into public schools in Oklahoma and I voted very much in favor of that, and I also voted in 2019 for an additional $1,200 teacher pay raise,” Bice said.

With mere hours left and full faith in Oklahoma's election system Bice's final message is simply asking everyone to vote.

“Just get out and vote. It's really important. We have a registration advantage right now. So, we need to make sure that everybody gets to the polls tomorrow,” Bice said.

News 9’s Storme Jones followed Democratic Candidate Kendra Horn on her final day of campaigning.