NW OKC Homeowner Shoots, Kills Alleged Intruder

Thursday, October 29th 2020, 5:41 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


A northwest Oklahoma City homeowner is under investigation following a shooting on Wednesday night, according to Oklahoma City police.

The owner was checking on his property near Northwest 47th Street and Drexel Boulevard on Wednesday night when he came face-to-face with an alleged burglar. Police said the owner shot the intruder and the person later died at a local hospital.

Residents who live near the property said on Thursday they knew it was only a matter of time before a burglary in the area turned deadly.

“This is terrible,” said James Jacobs, neighbor.

Jacob's home backs up to the property where the shooting happened. He has known the owner for more than 30 years. He was over there Wednesday helping the owner with the fence only hours before the shooting. He said his friend does not live here but uses the place as storage.

“Mike and I were working on his property,” said Jacobs. “It has been broken into a couple times and we were talking about how we could make the place look better and more secure.”

The owner left and came back to the home around 8 p.m. Wednesday night and that was when he caught the alleged burglar.

“The occupant confronted the burglary and at some point, there was a confrontation,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The resident ended up shooting and ultimately killing the burglar.”

Police stayed at the property overnight as the investigation carried over into the following day.

Jacobs was unable to speak to his long-time friend because investigators needed to question him about the shooting.

“He was interviewed by homicide detectives and ultimately released pending further investigation,” said Knight.

Neighbors said it was tragic a person died but they believed the owner was justified in shooting the intruder.

“He had all rights to be there anytime he wants to,” said Jacobs. “If somebody breaks in over there he has a right to defend himself.”

Police have not released the victim’s or shooter’s names.

Police will hand their investigation over to the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Office. The DA will decide if the shooting warrants charges or not.