City Of Tulsa Crews Begin Preparations For Possible Icy Roads

Monday, October 26th 2020, 5:18 pm
By: Grant Stephens

TULSA, Okla. -

The City of Tulsa isn't taking any chances when it comes to weather.

Road maintenance crews are prepared to de-ice roads Monday should temperatures drop.

Tim McCorkell, the city's street maintenance manager, expects roadways to stay clear for the most part but wants drivers to pay extra attention to elevated roadways.

"If anything at all it looks like this may just be a bridge or overpass-type scenario," McCorkell said.

Bridges and overpasses can ice over and create dangerous driving conditions even when other roads are still clear.

Several road maintenance crews will be on standby should the weather worsen. The City of Tulsa said it will check the roadways throughout the night and deploy salt trucks if they're needed.

McCorkell also wants to remind drivers to slow down if you see any road maintenance trucks. He said you should stay far back to avoid salt and gravel spray and give crews plenty of space to work.