City Of Owasso Focused On Bringing New Businesses

Wednesday, October 21st 2020, 5:55 am
By: Cal Day

Owasso -

The City of Owasso’s economic development team said the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some hiccups, but they have adapted. They will shift attention to attracting more businesses to the city.

Chelsea Levo-Feary, the City of Owasso’s Director of Economic Development, said they are in the second year of a five year strategic plan to support development and encourage current and future business owners. The plan includes nine different initiatives with different objectives for each year.

The focus for much of this year has been retaining and expanding the businesses already calling Owasso home. This has been aided by the city’s Business Thrive campaign, which has pivoted in format because of the pandemic.

Another program, targeting retirees, has been put on hold because of COVID-19 but the city plans for a return once it is safer.

The team will now focus on attracting new businesses to Owasso.

“We would love to welcome new businesses to our community,” said Levo-Feary. “I know that our existing businesses in our community would love it as well because they see that the businesses that come in here compliment what they do and I think that’s just magical.”

Owasso’s plan for economic success coincides with renovations and upgrades to its downtown area, including the new Redbud District located near Main Street. Levo-Feary said these improvements show the city is willing to invest in the community.

City leaders said the biggest thing they have to promote is the success of the current businesses already set up in Owasso.