Decades-Old Missing Persons Cases Leave Oklahoma Families Pleading For Answers

Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 6:43 pm
By: Lori Fullbright


26-year-old Stephan Adams went missing two weeks before Christmas in 2004. He told his girlfriend he was going to give a man a ride to Keys, Oklahoma. Stephan was an NSU student at the time and was seen on surveillance video at a convenience store in Cookson. But since then, nothing.

"The family needs closure. We need to know what happened," said Tiffani Haney, Stephan's cousin.

His credit cards and cell phone were never used and his personal belongings, including his money, were still in his dresser.

"We need to know who did this to him. We need to know why it was done, and those people need to pay for what they did to him," Tiffani said.

 Another missing person is Tina Pitts.

Tina Pitts' family has done everything in their power to keep her case alive, even though she's not been seen or heard from since November of 2006.

Police do suspect foul play after Tina's blood was found in her boyfriend's truck, but investigators said there was not enough evidence for an arrest. Her family has a balloon release on Tina's birthday every year. They continue to hand out flyers and plead for answers.

"Somebody please feel the hurt that's in my heart. Her kids' heart, her grandkids' heart. We're hurting y'all, please," said Angie Pitts, Tina's sister.

And Dwayne Shipley went missing in 2011.

Dwayne Shipley, was 47-years-old when he went missing on July 19th, 2011.

He is my husband's cousin.

His front door was found open, his home was in disarray, and both his work truck and personal truck were gone.

His work truck was later found, but it had been stripped of most of his tools.

Dwayne's credit cards were used for weeks after his disappearance.

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